Apples and Cream

Admittedly, I’ve had some bad experiences with cheap rosé, which have made me a bit wary. But rerose2cently out for a lovely 3-course dinner in which we ate everything from ham hock tortellini to lamb to fresh sumptuous cod, it was going to be difficult to match wine to all the food without spending a LOT of money.

The solution was this fresh and tasty Pinot Grigio blush. Light, fresh, tasty, but with a roundness and depth that lots of rosé’s can miss. It honestly went really well with every course we had.

Along with Prosecco, rosé is enjoying something of a revival, and gradually shaking off its image as a girly drink for glittery nights out.  Provence is producing some fantastic options, with the climate and soil producing lovely flavour, and a pale wash of colour rather than a bold brash red-pink. rose1

The Sacchetto rosé we enjoyed was smooth, fresh and zingy. Think berries, apples and even a dash of cream.

So give it a go, embrace the pink and shrug off any preconceptions.  And remember to tweet @WineBlag with any good discoveries!

You can buy the Saccetto Pinot Grigio Blush here.

Or try this from Waitrose, or this bottle from Provence, supplied by Majestic.